“I can’t listen to this”: Eddy Mitchell cashes in on the music of his DJ grandson

“I can’t listen to this”: Eddy Mitchell cashes in on the music of his DJ grandson

Passing on the airwaves of RTL this Saturday, January 21, Eddy Mitchell made rare confidences about his grandson, aged 28. Like his grandfather, he also evolves in the song. But the rocker is not a big fan of his art…

We no longer present Eddy Mitchell. As Johnny Hallydayhe is considered one of the greatest French rockers. Mint color in water, On the road to Memphis, The cemetery of the elephants… there are countless hits that litter his career. But before being a successful singer, he is above all an ordinary man and a family man, a role he had to endorse for the first time at only 20 years oldin 1962, when he had just married his first wife, Françoise Lavit. Together they had a son, Eddy, before welcoming three years later a daughter, named Maryline; also in the song.

Eddy and Maryline are not the only two children of Eddy Mitchell since, separated from Françoise Lavit since 1979He had a third child with Muriel Bailleul. Their love gave birth in 1982 to a daughter named Pamela, whose godfather is none other than the illustrious Johnny Hallyday ! “My eldest son is 60, my youngest daughter is 56, and the youngest is 41.“, recalled about them the 80 year old singerduring its appearance on the airwaves of RTL this Saturday, January 21.

Eddy Mitchell not a fan of his grandson’s music

The descendants of Eddy Mitchell have produced many artists since, in addition to his daughter Maryline, his 28-year-old grandsonalso launched into the song. But at the risk of disappointing him, his grandfather is not a big fan of his art…”Musically we have completely different opinions.since he is a DJ so he does techno, and me, it’s not my field at all“, recognized at first the one who was part of the Veilles Canailles.

But when Ophélie Meunier asked her if he advised his grandson and listened to his musicEddy Mitchell was adamant.No I can’t listen to this“, he honestly confessed. It is therefore not soon that the grandfather and his grandson will release a song together…

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