“I did something that I do not assume”: why Laurent Baffie apologized to Nolwenn Leroy

“I did something that I do not assume”: why Laurent Baffie apologized to Nolwenn Leroy

There is something new for Laurent Baffie. The comedian releases his work entitled Baffie’s DictionaryThe integral. He presented it this Friday, November 18, 2022 on the show The original band on France Inter. The opportunity for him to also return to a controversy that caused a stir.

On a TV set, Laurent Baffie is unpredictable. Whether his strokes of humor amuse or shock viewers, he never hesitates to do so. As his very daring joke about Johnny Hallyday. A black humor and not always understood. However, the 64-year-old comedian was quick to knock out those who would find it too unmanageable for TV: I am now old, at the end of my career, and one of the people who are unmanageable. And that’s good because I don’t want anyone to manage mehe said at the microphone of RTL.

That is what is said! Yes, but now, the controversies can sometimes be more serious… Like this evening in September 2017, where Nolwenn Leroy was invited to the show Hello earthlings of Thierry Ardisson . Laurent Baffie was then the table neighbor of the former winner of the star academy. A sequence deeply shocked viewers, so much so that the CSA was seized: Laurent Baffie has lifted the singer’s dressthen leaving a wandering hand on her thigh.

“I did something that I do not assume”

Against all odds, and in the face of controversy, Nolwenn Leroy was quick to defend Laurent Baffie: “I understand such reactions, because it’s a fight that you have to fightbut this is the bad example and Laurent the wrong person to attack […] With my strong character, if I had felt attacked, I would have defended myself“ she had explained to the Parisian. Besides, the interpreter of “Broken” had not failed to take revengeof the one she considers her friend.

This Friday, November 18, 2022, Laurent Baffie returned to the facts at the microphone of France Inter: It’s been a matter of state and lots of business, but my valve was not good. I confused dinner with friends with a TV show. I did something that I do not assume, that I would not have liked to see by someone else” he begins. “We all make mistakes and this one, I claim it. In addition, poor Nolwenn who was in full promotion […]I spoiled his promotion a bit. I called her to apologize. She said : ‘Who cares my Laulau, everything is fine.’“Excused, forgiven?

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