“I don’t know a single agent who is fulfilled in his work” – Liberation

“I don’t know a single agent who is fulfilled in his work” – Liberation


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Six officials testify for the first time about the malfunctioning of their institution in “Police, law of omerta”. The two authors of this alarming and salutary work, a captain and a former peacekeeper, hope that in this way they will release the words of their colleagues and heal the troubles that plague them.

“Police violence, plain sexism and racism, cover-up of crimes, abundance of forgeries in public writing, corruption, hierarchical tyranny, media radicalization of trade unions or even the politics of numbers…” Here (non-exhaustive) list of police crimes which Agnès Naudin and Fabien Bilheran denounce in the book Police, law of omerta (Editions Le Cherche Midi), which comes out this Thursday. She is a captain, passed the border police and juvenile brigade, is the author of several books and spokeswoman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the FSS. Before he left the “box”, he was a peacemaker, having served until the stups brigade at 36, ​​quai des Orfèvres, the former headquarters of the prestigious Paris judicial police.

In this book, their two testimonies are accompanied by the testimonies of four other police officers. There is Serge Supersac, CRS in the fight with unions and compromising colleagues, who lives badly

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