“I don’t understand”: Stéphane Guillon attacks the Indochine group (ZAPTV)

“I don’t understand”: Stéphane Guillon attacks the Indochine group (ZAPTV)

Friday January 13, Stéphane Guillon was the guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in It’s up to you. The comedian explained that he did not understand the decision of the Indochine group, which refused to perform at a festival in Perpignan because of the RN mayor of the town.

Rarely has a decision by an artist made the political sphere speak so much. On January 7, the Indochina group uttered a violent rant on Twitter. The singer Nicola Sirkis and her friends did not appreciate at all the displacement of the festival Les Déferlantes, in which they were supposed to participate, in the city of Perpignan. Except that the latter has been led since the last municipal elections by Mayor National Rally Louis Aliotformer companion of Marine Le Pen. “Yesterday morning, we were faced with the fait accompli, that the festival Les Déferlantes, where we are scheduled on July 8, moved to Perpignan instead of the site initially planned (…) We expressly ask the management to move this festival in another place, otherwise we will cancel our visit” they wrote. A decision quickly followed by another group, Louise Attaque.

“There is nothing worse than this choice they made”

Since then, the question has been debated within the political sphere, the elected officials of the RN not hesitating to condemn the decision of the musicians… especially since the management of the festival finally bent and now looking for a new place. If the ultimatum made the happiness of elected leftists and many artists, there is one who did not understand or appreciate the choice of Indochina. Guest of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in It’s up to you this Friday, Stephane Guillon indeed argued that the group should have maintained its participation, despite the RN town hall: “I think it’s not very rock’n’roll as an attitude from Indochine and Louise Attaque because Louis Aliot if I remember correctly was elected at 53% so that means thatthere are still 47% of Perpignan people who did not vote for him and I think that we should not isolate people and that on the contrary we must go there” has indicated the former troublemaker of Thierry Ardisson. For him, the artists should have just gone on stage and said what they think of the National Rally. There’s nothing worse than this choice they madeI don’t understand it at all, you have to go play there“he insists. Will Nicola Sirkis respond to the comedian’s comments?

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