“I got a little tapped on the fingers”: Christophe Beaugrand’s dumpling on the Loto draw

“I got a little tapped on the fingers”: Christophe Beaugrand’s dumpling on the Loto draw

At the microphone of RTL, Saturday January 7, Christophe Beaugrand explained that he had made a mistake on a number when he presented the Loto draw. An error that earned him a reframing: “I got a little tapped on the fingers”he confided.

They pass the baton. Iris Mittenaere, Jean-Pierre Foucault or even Christophe Beaugrand follow one another at the presentation of the Loto. A job that pays (very) well, as recognized by the presenter who also hosts the LCI morning show and the show ninja warrior with Denis Brogniartin the show We redo the TVon RTL, Saturday 7 January. ” The Lotto, it is often said in the trade that the only real winner is the one who presents it! Is it true ? », asked him Eric Dussart. And Christophe Beaugrand replied: “ It’s true that I win every time! It’s not ten million but still. Seriously, it’s very well paid. We are very lucky. I do about three or four prints per month and we have contracts over the year in number of days. I, for example, have fifty Lotto draws to be made during the year. »

Christophe Beaugrand: “I got a little tapped on the knuckles”

Presenting the Lotto draw is not without pressure. Christophe Beaugrand understood this the time he made a mistake during the recording. “I planted myself on a number… », confided the presenter, target of homophobic messages on social networks. And to add: We’re not live, but we do not have the right to return the sequence. We broadcast the entire draw, without the presenter, with a voiceover. It only happened to me once! It’s called a rescue operation. There is a whole protocol. It’s super secure, with ushers and everything. So, when that happens, we call the STFDJ: the French Games Draw Service. Because in the end, there are still millions who are at stake. It’s no joke! » And his mistake earned him to be reframed: I got a little slapped on the knuckles. » We won’t take it back.

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