“I had a fantastic career”

“I had a fantastic career”

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The first singer ofAC DCDave Evans, claims to have had a “fantastic career” and does not regret his separation from the group.

As you may know, Evans was featured on AC/DC’s debut single, Can I Sit Next To You, Girl, in 1974, but was replaced that same year by the now famous Bon Scott.

After being replaced, Evans joined Rabbit, then Thunder Down Under, before leading a long solo career that continues today.

During an interview with Argentinian radio station Urbana Play 104.3 FM, Evans explains how his affair with AC/DC ended following an argument in which he punched the band’s manager.

Despite this, Evans insists he has no regrets: “There should be no regrets. I had a fantastic career. I continued to rock with Rabbit and Thunder Down Under and still travel the world, still recording.”

“So in terms of my career, I’ve had a fantastic career. I still have so much fun. I have the most amazing life ever. I travel all over the world. And I’m a solo artist, so I don’t need to take a band with me. I have musicians in all countries. I go where I want to go.”

He adds : “I see all the countries and I do what I want to do, not what the band tells me to do and that kind of stuff. So I have the freedom to be where I want to be with the people I want to be with.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about freedom. The freedom to choose and be with people you truly love. And I’m lucky to be able to do that.”

AC/DC re-recorded Can I Sit Next To You, Girl with Bon Scott after Evans left.

Bon Scott died in 1980 at the age of 33, and was succeeded by current singer, Brian Johnson.

Interview with Dave Evans on Urbana Play 104.3 FM:

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