“I had a health problem”: Jul comes out of silence and gives his news

“I had a health problem”: Jul comes out of silence and gives his news

By Carla Biancarelli

– Published on Nov 23, 2022 at 2:30 PM

This Sunday, November 20, 2022, Jul posted a message on Twitter, revealing that he had a health problem.

Jul is a music superstar. Number 1 in French rap, he can count on his solid fan base. If the artist has been a hit for several years, he has managed to preserve his private life. Shy and reserved, he granted very few interviews throughout his career and shuns television sets. The Phocaean is also very opaque about his life and his public respects his discretion. Rare fact for a star. In 2021, he stirred the Web by sharing a story of reality TV contestant Milla Jasmine. Last June, in Clique, the rapper had nevertheless made some confidences to Mouloud Achour. “There, I tell myself that I am still working and everything, afterwards, I will put a little brake. I will always be here, but I will put a little brake on my personal life […] It is obligatory for me, the brain, to do things well, my life too, it is important “he had explained.

Jul faced with a health problem, he confides

Later in the interview, Jul added, “I always learned by doing, I did more than what was needed, I think. I stayed longer than necessary in front of the computer. I made the brain work a lot in front of the computer. Today, I manage to get by, if I have to make an album alone in the mountains, I can make my album alone in the mountains”. But if the rapper has taken a break in recent months, he is indeed back to the delight of his fans. Indeed, he is about to release his 26ᵉ disc White Heartscheduled for December 9. On November 22, the singing star revealed the names of all the artists from around the world with whom he collaborated for this project. Rappers from Russia, Italy, Spain or even Morocco.

Christmas Twitter

After announcing the launch of the disc, Jul took the floor again this Sunday, November 20. It is on his Twitter account that the artist, usually discreet, has chosen to confide in his subscribers about his personal life. “Well, I meant, I had a health problem for about a month and a half. It worked out thanks to God! Just to let you know that was why I wasn’t around!! Now I’m back in great shape and I’m putting myself to the fullest now »he wrote.

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