“I have never seen this in ten years”

“I have never seen this in ten years”

Squeezie reacted in turn to Fanta’s advertisement during Inoxtag’s live for the VeVe France platform, condemning his gesture.

The reactions follow one another and, live this Saturday, Squeezie did not fail to give his point of view on Fanta’s advertising, deemed unwelcome, during the Inoxtag live this Friday evening. For context: the videographer held up a live sheet advertising VeVe France, an NFTs platform. “Unless you’re very close to Inox, you don’t allow yourself to do that, esteem Squeezie. It’s a disguised advertisement in full live, without warning the host of the live, for a shitty thing related to NFTs, it’s a huge madness. I haven’t seen this in ten years. It’s simple, I don’t think anyone has seen that in ten years.”.

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Squeezie: “For me, it was unthinkable that this would ever happen”

After the live, Fanta defended himself during a conversation on Discord, pointing out the “paid” aspect of the Inoxtag server, as well as the late hour of the live. “If you’re complaining, that you don’t want to pass someone in the middle, don’t do it, add Squeezie. But don’t come in “I don’t want to be there” mode, and so to counterbalance it, I advertise something shitty. It’s a crazy mentality. If you don’t want to help someone with their project, or because it bothers you that they’re promoting something paid for, because you’re a hater, well get out of here”.

If the affair provokes so many reactions on social networks – “Fanta” has been trending on Twitter since this Saturday morning – it is also, according to Squeezie, because it breaks away from the current mentality of the medium. “It comforts me on many other things, he adds. Currently, the atmosphere between Internet creators is too good. That’s why Fanta’s movement is all the more shocking. These are things that never happen. For me, it was unthinkable for that to happen one day.. Before Squeezie, Gotaga and Antoine Daniel also reacted.

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