“I knew we would get lost”: Axelle Red, this concession made out of love for her husband

“I knew we would get lost”: Axelle Red, this concession made out of love for her husband

Axelle Red made her big comeback with “The Christmas Album”. A project on which the singer worked alongside her husband, a man for whom she made an important concession, as indicated to “Ciné Télé Revue”.

Discreet in recent years, and deeply affected by the pandemic of Covid-19, Axelle Red nevertheless made her return for the end-of-year celebrations with a project right in the season: The Christmas Scrapbook. Filip Vanes, the singer’s husband, who is also “son artistic director“, it’s a “proposed this idea“who has it”regenerated”, as she confided in the columns of Cine TV Revueon newsstands since November 10. However, the interpreter of “Sensuality” would have seen well to change direction to pay break into the big screen. An ambition that she however abandoned for her couple: “I decided to do not persevere in this way because I knew that we could not share this thing and thatwe would get lost“, she confided to our colleagues.

He like me did choices based on the other. Me, I would have liked to have a career as an actress, I really like that”, continued Axelle Red, who met her half on the benches of law school, at 20 years old. But if she decided to focus on musicthe mother of Janelle (born in 1999), Gloria (born in 2003) and Billie (born in 2005) nevertheless took a first step into the world of the seventh art a few years ago. Indeed, in 2005, under the direction of Rudolf Mestdagh, Renaud’s sidekick starred in Electricityand belgian drama thriller following the journey of a group of artists who lost their talent following a terrible car accident.

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Axelle Red: a “multifaceted” artist

If she did not break into the cinema for love, Axelle Red was not content to be a singer. In any case, this is what she assured in an interview granted to the Belgian version ofParis MatchOctober 25:I am multifaceted : composer, interpretermom, woman offriend of, daughter of, citizen, of fashionactivist… These are different roles and yet, i am the same person.And to continue:It took me a while to figure it out. At the start of my career, I wondered who I was. And then I thought of Al Green, who became a priest after being a soul singer. Me, on stage, I don’t preach, but I like to inspire people with the lyrics of my songs.

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