“I no longer have to work a single day in my life”

“I no longer have to work a single day in my life”

Following a popular trend in the music world, Iggy Azalea confirms having sold its masters and its publishing catalog, as part of an eight-figure transaction. In short, enough to allow him to enjoy quiet days of very long years?

An eight figure sum

Even though she will have confirmed on Twitter “consider the release of a new project” in the course of 2023, Iggy Azalea could considerably slow down its pace of publication, or even put its career on hold. It must be said that the rapper would, according to Billboardsigned an agreement with Domain Capital Group to sell its masters, but also its publishing catalog. The artist, if she did not mention the sum of the transaction, will nevertheless have spoken of a sum “ eight digit “, before implying that she could now look at life in a different way, without ever having to work again : “I sold part of my catalog […] for an amount that allows me to tell myself that I will no longer have to work in my life. »

In the process, she will evoke the public’s incomprehension of her decision (“I love you all, but masters conversations are beyond you”), and the fact of planning to invest in a large company, without saying more.

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