“I no longer use plastic”

“I no longer use plastic”

How did your ecological conscience come about?

Gaetan Roussel: Little by little, through different means, such as meeting people concerned by the theme. When you observe them, you realize that you are not behaving as you should. It invites you to improve with small gestures, for example turning off the tap when brushing your teeth. I also watched the documentary Demain, by Cyril Dion and Mélanie Laurent, which I really liked because it is optimistic. I also recommend seeing Earthlings, which deals with the animal condition in all its facets. We become aware that we must react and, above all, act.

What is your eco-responsible gesture accessible to all?

Gaetan Roussel: I no longer use plastic, including on tour. I consume a lot less meat, because we know very well that industrial farming is a disaster for animals and for the climate. And since wheat is of lower quality, I try to eat gluten-free. In short, these are efforts here and there, on a daily basis.

What would be your refrain for a greener planet?

Gaetan Roussel: I immediately think of Michel Berger and France Gall: “Unplug everything! Because it would be necessary to reconnect to the earth. Otherwise I tell myself that we could also be a little less greedy, not in the sense of pleasure but in the sense of overconsumption and greed, because we are exhausting our planet. My refrain would therefore be: “Let’s not be so greedy, because our Earth, we are really exhausting it.”

Is your fridge 100% organic?

Gaetan Roussel: I hope it is 80%. With my wife, we favor short circuits, small producers, seasonal fruits and vegetables. When we are in the Alpilles, we have our poultry farmers, our natural wine growers. By taking an interest in how people work and understanding their approach, we consume better and less.

Which “ecologically incorrect” gesture have you not put an end to?

Gaetan Roussel: I’m often staring at my phone, which is a work tool. I don’t empty my mailbox regularly enough and, as a result, it’s spinning on the other side of the world. I buy a little too many clothes, no doubt. There is a better way to manage all of this.

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What is your relationship to nature?

Gaetan Roussel: He is growing. I like walking, cycling, watching the sunrise and the dew. I am happy to watch our roses grow. We live in Paris and in the Alpilles, where I am lucky to have a sea of ​​olive trees. The older I get, the more I find that nature makes it better. I even aspire to hug the trees. I read the magnificent book The World Tree, by Richard Powers, I recommend it to you.

What does planet rhyme with?

Gaetan Roussel: With respect and Earth, of course. Having your feet firmly anchored is important. We are very small compared to it. We behave as if we were very important, whereas we are only passing through. A little humility would do us good.

Do you have something to say to the Earth to comfort her?

Gaetan Roussel: Just sorry. We no longer listen to its seasons, its rhythms, the signals it sends us. I would like to tell him that we are going to try to do our best, but above all I think it is up to us to listen to him without interrupting him, with attention and action afterwards.

And a message for children?

Gaetan Roussel: We can start by apologizing to them. We are leaving them a hell of a lot! Let us strive, without giving lessons, to be less selfish. Let’s let go of our screens, look around us, respect the planet. Let us be brave and alive!

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