“I slept with the light on every night”

“I slept with the light on every night”

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Kirk Hammett’s love of horror is well known, as the guitarist has amassed one of the genre’s most impressive collections of film and artefacts, which has even been displayed in a museum.

In a new interview for the series Metal and Monsters from Gibson TV, the guitarist was asked to Metallic what was his favorite horror movie.

He has answered : “I remember seeing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre when the movie was just coming out. It was making a lot of noise in the street and everyone was talking about it. I remember going to see it and being really scared because, until then, there hadn’t been a film as explicit and violent as this one. There was no such thing. I can see myself and my friends walking out of the cinema, shaking their heads and saying ‘wow’, looking at each other and asking ‘did we really just see that?’. It was a real experience.”

He also recalled watching The Exorcist in 1973, when he was a young Catholic boy.

He explained : “I thought the entities in this movie were going to come after me next… It was a real scare when I was a kid. For the next four months, I slept with the light on every night.”

Interview with Kirk Hammett for Gibson TV:

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