“I still see blurry”: the companion of an emblematic farmer of Love is in the pre-hospitalized

“I still see blurry”: the companion of an emblematic farmer of Love is in the pre-hospitalized

It’s not enough to find love in the meadow, you still have to be able to enjoy happy moments. For this iconic Season 3 farmer, the years that have passed have not been easy. His children have had health problems, and it is now his partner who causes him fears…

It is during season 3 of Love is in the meadow what Julien, at the time a cattle breeder, had met Floriane. The chemistry between the farmer and his suitor had worked and it was arm in arm that the latter had left. They got married and lived happily ever after? Not so fast! If the couple has seen their happiness flourish and their family grow thanks to the birth of Axel in 2011 and Lina in 2019, young parents, however, experienced hardships.

The granddaughter indeed arrived with serious health concerns. Plunged into a coma, forced into a transfusion, Lina plunged her parents into the terror of losing her. Later it was discovered that the little one was also born with a club foot. A disability that required painful care, due to the severity of his malformation. A stressful time for young parents who immediately had to hospitalize their little boy, the latter having had the idea of ​​swallowing a magnetic ball from one of his construction games. After a month in her womb, this one was indeed threatening the little guy with a severe intestinal obstruction

“I still see blurry”

After a brief respite it is now Floriane to go through the hospital box. The young woman had to have her gallbladder removed. From her bed of pain the young mother gave her news. “I have a broken headI just woke up, I still see blurry and I can’t make gestures that are too intense. I’m still hyper western because I barely come back from the block. I wake up slowly, I only have this to eat“, she explained, revealing a tray sparingly garnished with a tea, a madeleine and a compote.

Exhausted, Julian’s girlfriend found the strength to laugh at his situation, however, laughing at the fact that some of the hospital’s nursing staff are fans of the show that revealed her. Apparently it looks Love is in the meadow in the service because they immediately knew who I was! Well, I’m not at my best, it must be said… and besides, I don’t even have a filter on my face in real life“, she had fun before announcing good news: her operation went well and she should very quickly find her husband and children. “shot” must eat to regain some strength. A little madeleine?


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