“I talked less with my brother…”: Giovanni Castaldi speaks openly about his relationship with his family

“I talked less with my brother…”: Giovanni Castaldi speaks openly about his relationship with his family

Columnist, and sometimes presenter, on the air Team TV, Giovanni Castaldi follows in the footsteps of his famous half-brother Benjamin. In an interview given to TV Magazinethe sports journalist mentioned his last name, which is sometimes hard to bear.

Between them, it’s not love football. And yet, Giovanni Castaldi, son of Jean-Pierre and Benjamin’s half-brother, dedicates a good part of his life to football. From his first years at Yahoo, Eurosport and RTL, the sports journalist has become one of the key figures of L’Equipe TV, judging by Greg’s team or Evening team, as a columnist, and sometimes as a presenter. And if he can debrief the matches of the Blues or the failures of Noël Le Graët with know Carina Galli’s friend, also a presenter on the channel, when he returns to the family residence, it’s a completely different story. “At home, there was a lot of talk about the cinema, the theater and the media, and I was the only one who liked football. That’s my thing because I don’t think Benjamin and Jean-Pierre together can name six players from the French team!”, atl joked in Buzz TVthis Friday, January 13.

“Benjamin is an amazing animator”

Colleagues insisted on this difference and were interested in whether it was not difficult to bear this last name well known to French viewers. And the person in question did not answer, stressing that he does not mark his men in pants, especially because of the schedule. But not only. It’s quite a sensitive topic. I have a lot of respect for my father’s and my brother’s career. But I suffered from it at the beginning of my career because people kept attacking me on the clip,” laments a tall brunette with slicked-back hair. Grips with both feet from the ground that Giovanni Castaldi learned to parry: “I don’t care if they criticize me, but they insult me ​​that I’m high-spirited, it blows me up! My brother sometimes gives me his opinion or advice, he’s an amazing animator. But for a while, I talked less with my father and brother because I needed to emancipate myself”. A default choice that allowed him to chart his own path.

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