“I took a right!” Constance Labbé recounts a stunt that went wrong

“I took a right!” Constance Labbé recounts a stunt that went wrong

After a successful launch, Black track returns this Monday, January 30 for two new episodes. For the record, last week, the France 2 series federated an average of 4.46 million curious people, or 22% of the public present in front of their television screen and 8.1% of French women responsible for purchases under 50 years old. The first episode alone gathered 4.63 million viewers for 21.4% market share, and 7.9% of FRDA-50. Scores that allowed France 2 to take first place in the audience against the end of the series Toulouse-Lautrec high school on TF1 (will there be a sequel?).

Does Constance Labbé perform her stunts herself? She answers

In fact, these two episodes are particularly awaited for the fans, who will find Emilie Karras (Constance Labbé, also starring in Balthazar on TF1) and Loïc Servoz (Thibault de Montalembert, who confided in this accident which marked him for life…), while Fauvel, the main suspect, managed to escape to Switzerland… A series that will once again plunge us into the heart of the mountains (where Black track has it been rotated?) and promises strong moments like last week, when Emilie Karras found herself hanging from a catwalk! A stunt that Constance Labbé had performed herself : “I was a little worried, but they insisted on not having an understudy. It was very well prepared but I was afraid that one of them, especially Constance because Solène is a rock climber, would have an anxiety attack once 35 meters high. But everything went well. This sequence and the demonstration took a big day of filming“, told us Charline de Lépine, producer of the series.

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“It’s part of the fun!”

It must be said that the actress likes to perform her own stunts, as she told the site : “It’s really me!” she says about the fight sequence between her and a suspect. “I always want to do everything when I have access to it, and I have for a long time. In particular, there was a series where I played a freediver and I wanted to do my stunts and be trained in freediving. When possible, I think it’s great, (…) it’s part of the fun of being an actress to have access to training that you wouldn’t necessarily have access to. In addition, I find that it enriches because the physical is very important so knowing how to fight, if only to train for that before filming, puts me in a particular mood. And this fight that you mention is something that I worked on before I started filming with stunt adjusters and it’s a real dance choreography.

“I took a right!”

Only problem:Everything is super millimeter!” And Constance Labbé to tell an anecdote about the shooting of this scene: “Moreover, the day of the shooting, I lost 1 mm and I missed a movement, suddenly I took a right! That’s why it has to be ultra-worked. In addition, we save a lot of time during filming by working upstream like that.“More fear than harm visibly.

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