“I was making this film for him…”: Kad Merad moved by the death of his father, this “pain” which persists

“I was making this film for him…”: Kad Merad moved by the death of his father, this “pain” which persists

Kad Merad gave himself up to an open heart, this Saturday September 10, in “50′ inside”. The 58-year-old actor notably returned to his relationship with his father, who died in October 2021.

He is one of the most popular actors in France. For the upcoming release of honorary citizenof which he is the headliner, Kad Merad was invited on the set of 50′ insidethis Saturday, September 10. through this movie by Mohamed Hamidi, the 58-year-old actor wanted to pay homage to his Algerian originsinherited from his father.I wished my father had seen the film, since he left last yearmoved the companion of Julia Vignali. In effect, Mohammad Merad is died following a long illness, in October 2021.

“It’s a pain that I can’t erase”he confided to Nikos Aliagas. A true failure to pay Kad Meradwho wanted to show his father that “even if[il n’y a] not lived and does not speak the language, Algeria counts for [lui].” “Did he know you were making this movie?”asked the presenter of 50′ inside. “Of course he met Mohamed (Hamidi, Editor’s note). I told him the story, he was very impatientthe actor said sorry.

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“I lost my father, my mother is in an EHPAD”

To close the interview, Nikos Aliagas handed his guest a photo of him as a child. “What would you say to this little one?”asked the star host. It’s funny to see yourself like thisit makes me…”the comedian was moved. “It’s almost immodest”suggested the reporter. “It’s funny, because I see my parents. Today, I lost the father, the mother is in EHPAD, not welltold Kad Meradupset. A moment of great emotion that shows everything the love of a son for his parents.

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias.

Photo credits: SCREEN CAPTURE / TF1/ 50′ INSIDE

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