“I was sentenced”: Benjamin Castaldi reveals that he was caught by justice because of TPMP (ZAPTV)

“I was sentenced”: Benjamin Castaldi reveals that he was caught by justice because of TPMP (ZAPTV)

This Wednesday, December 7 in the 6 to 7Benjamin Castaldi explained that he had been sentenced by the courts because of Do not touch My TV. Comments made on Cyril Hanouna’s show would have turned against him…

If Benjamin Castaldi is one of the most appreciated columnists of Do not touch My TV, it’s because he doesn’t hesitate to be very cash. Especially when it comes to money! Because the former companion of Flavie Flament may have amassed colossal sums during the heyday of Loft story, secret story and other flagship programs of TF1, these flew away. The reason ? He was the victim of a massive scam. Ten years earlier, Aurore Aleman’s husband had invested almost all of his fortune in an enticing financial packageoffered by seemingly unscrupulous professionals. They put me on the straw, my life savings.I was in the bottom of the toilet!“, had explained the star of the small screen to the Parisian, in 2014.

Since, the one who recently became the father of a little Gabriel struggling to climb the slope. Fortunately, he can count on the support of Cyril Hanouna, who calls him very regularly around the Do not touch My TV. Television passages which certainly allow him to maintain a certain lifestyle, but which also caused him some trouble

Benjamin Castaldi caught up because of remarks made in TPMP

This Tuesday, December 6in Do not touch My TVBenjamin Castaldi had explained that he had legal problems because of the show. If he had not at that time poured out his thoughts on the matter, he agreed to do so the next day in the 6 to 7. Faced with a dumbfounded Cyril Hanouna, he explained that he had missed out on an arrangement with taxes because of a confidence he had made on the talk show. What had been reproached to him? To have boasted to have had cosmetic surgery on the eyelidsproof, according to the authorities, that he was not in financial difficulty.

To prove his statements, Benjamin Castaldi even brought with him a court decision where it is explained that he is dismissed for bragging”lavish spending on the antenna of C8 and to have “posted her luxurious vacation photos on Instagram”. “I was condemned not on articles of law, but simply because I said on this platter that I spent my money lavishly“, lamented father of four children. Sometimes it’s better to hold your tongue…

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