“I was super disappointed that there was no one there”

“I was super disappointed that there was no one there”

Mister V returned to the Jones concert in Nashville. A show that will probably not have lived up to expectations.

Invited in Clique, Mister V and Freddy Gladieux returned to their latest video, The Joneses. Accompanied by Vincent Tirel, they traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where they performed in concert at a local restaurant. And to be sure to attract a large audience Johnny-Claude, Johnny-Michael and Johnny-Rock distributed flyers for an entire afternoon in the city. But the experience will not have been conclusive.

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Mr V:There is a guy who came”

A person. Only one person showed up for the concert that night. Removed from the video, he will have played the game to the end as explained by Mister V: “We towed for real, and in real life, I lied, a guy came. He’s no longer in the video, but he’s a guy who gave us a sidewalk mic when we were wandering the streets to fly, and he came on his own. He wasn’t expecting something crazy I don’t think either, because given our quickdraws, it wasn’t going to be crazyconcedes Yvick. But in fact he had understood that we were youtubers, too, so that spoke to him“.

But, in real life, no one came even though we did maybe 300 flyers in the afternoon.admits a slightly disappointed Mister V. They said to us: “Yeah, we will come, no worries. See you tonight”. First degree, I was super disappointed that there was no one. Because me, in my head, as you can see in the video: people take pictures of us, sing the songs with us, have a really good vibe. We were too and I was too“.

Really in my head, at that moment I was like, “I’ve become someone in the city of Nashville. People will talk about me in the local media and everything”continues Yvick. And no, not at all. And in the evening, I said to the guys: “But I am disappointed, really”. I really had a lump in my stomach. In the end, it was a blessing in disguise, because I think it made the video even funnier by the nullity of the scene“.

In the rest of the news, Vald: This piece of “Xeu” will be entitled to a sequel.

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