“I will no longer be there”: Anne-Claire Coudray confides in her future in TF1

“I will no longer be there”: Anne-Claire Coudray confides in her future in TF1

Anne-Claire Coudray has been presenting the 20-hour newscast on TF1 for seven years now. But the journalist confides that she does not want to dwell on it too long.

Anne-Claire Coudray: seven years of service

On TF1, the weekend belongs to the 45-year-old journalist. She is the replacement for Claire Chazal at the presentation of the 8 p.m. news. This program is also one of the most watched in France. Also, its presenter has become one of the most famous faces of viewers.

Its predecessors Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Claire Chazal stayed for a while at the JT presentation. To be more precise, they remained respectively 32 years and 24 years in this position.

Challenges that Anne-Claire Coudray does not intend to take up. Indeed, she confided in her future within the chain at the microphone of Éric Dussart in We redo the TV.

Anne-Claire Coudray: departure in 20 years

In We redo TV on RTL, the journalist talks about her departure from the channel. “In twenty years, I won’t be here,” she says. And the reason would be simple: retirement. Indeed, she intends to retire from journalism at the age of 65. But that’s not his only motive.

Amalia’s mother also explains how much energy it takes to do one’s job. It would require concentration, the need to be available or even to be able to carry an essay at arm’s length. For Anne-Claire Coudrayyou really have to want to do this job to stay there. Also, if she feels that she is losing her touch, she will prefer to stop immediately.

Objective: to last 20 years on the chain

Despite this confidence, Anne-Claire Coudray is in no hurry to leave the 8 p.m. presentation. According to her, it takes a long time to find a place in this position. It wouldn’t be a job you can quit after just a few years.

Getting established and being accepted by viewers takes time. And the journalist knows something about it, as she replaced the great Claire Chazal. From his point of view, the time will not allow this job to be done for less than 15 years. But personally, the Star of TF1 would like to reach 20 years in his post.

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