Ice Spice, the new drill princess

Ice Spice, the new drill princess

At only 23 years old, Ice Spice is “one of the most recognizable voices in New York drill music, as well as a new pop culture benchmark, much loved both for what she says and how she says it”Explain The New York Times, who paints the picture of the rapper.

The American daily went to meet the singer in her neighborhood of the Bronx, in New York, where she must now camouflage herself so as not to be recognized. Her life changed overnight “during a hectic week in August”, when Duck in person said to appreciate his music before inviting him to a festival in Toronto, reports the newspaper.

A calm, confident rap

This spotlight propelled her to the front of the stage. The rapper is more and more talked about. And stands out, reinventing the drill in a pop and sensual way.

“Unlike many New York drill rappers, who tend to perform, Ice Spice raps with detachment: calm, self-possessed, restrained, letting each line stretch, as if attracting the listener towards it before pushing it away”, analyze it New York Times.

With its “verses that are both cool and very direct, exuding confidence”, Ice Spice defines its music as “pop exercise”. Dreaming of fame and becoming an artist to integrate, she considers it necessary “get out of the subgenres” for this, she says daily.

Bronx kid

Daughter of an African-American father and a Dominican mother, Isis Gaston, her real name, is proud of her origins. This kid from the Bronx sports an Afro cut with blonde curls.

The hair is quite iconic, explain to New York Times the singer, proud to assume her natural hair, like many other African-American women who fight against discriminatory beauty dictates.

Very confident, she handles social networks perfectly and uses them to her advantage. Not hesitating to title a piece princess diana after seeing memes making her the princess diana of its generation, Ice Spice is aiming high, very high.

“We all want to be a princess, right?” she said to New York Times, full of confidence.

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