“If I was honest about how I feel, people would accuse me of playing the victim”

“If I was honest about how I feel, people would accuse me of playing the victim”

Guitarist Jen Majura has opened up about the aftermath of her split with Evanescencesaying that no matter what she did, it was impossible to avoid the judgments of the fans.

Last May, Amy Lee and bandmates have announced that their longtime guitarist Jen Majura will no longer be part of the band.

Shortly after, Majura has opened up about the split, emphasizing that it was not her decision. She then admitted the news broke heradding that she thought it was all just a “bad joke” at first.

Seven months after the event, Majura was asked what she thought of the situation during a recent interview for IbagensCast.

She said: “I am tired. I’m very, very tired because there are a lot of opinions and a lot of judgments… The situation is such that no matter what I post, people have opinions about it. And that seems ridiculous to me, because if I said honestly how I feel – I’m hurt, it’s hard, of course I don’t feel well – people would say, ‘Oh, you’re playing the victim. So I said, ‘Actually, I’m fine. I’m doing well’. And then, of course, people said, ‘She didn’t care about the band.

Explaining why she walked away from social media after the split, she added: “I got to a point where I was like, ‘You know what? I could talk about the last blueberry yogurt I ate, and you would always find a way to connect it to what happened’.”

Interview with Jen Majura for IbagensCast:

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