If you liked Say Yes to the Dress, this is your new guilty pleasure!

If you liked Say Yes to the Dress, this is your new guilty pleasure!

The Vrai platform unveiled this week a new Quebec documentary titled Matchmakers.

We follow three wedding planners in the ups and downs of their excessively demanding job. They have prestigious clients who often have the means to match their ambitions.

A bride treats herself to an 11-story-tall cake, a couple rents a villa in Jamaica, and a groom arrives at their nuptials in a helicopter—nothing too good for the working class!

It is fascinating to discover the involvement of these passionate women in the development of such grandiose events. Every detail counts for her and we see, over these 10 episodes, the attachment she has for their clients and their profession. We obviously witness certain incidents (in the order of: the place where the wedding was to be held closes its doors with a few weeks’ notice, the zipper of the bride’s dress no longer closes) and then notices their creativity and commitment.

2022 has been very lucrative for wedding planners, who have seen all of their celebrations for the past two years postponed until last summer. They sometimes had two weddings on the same day and had to work in collaboration with reliable partners in order to carry out their many projects and achieve the high standards of their respective companies.

The series is devoured in one go. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure for a stormy holiday season.

Note that the first episode is free.

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