Illan Castronovo spins completely and attacks Alix Desmoineaux

Illan Castronovo spins completely and attacks Alix Desmoineaux

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– Published on 04 Jan 2023 at 06:30

Illan Castronovo and Alix Desmoineaux are at war. The young man has just released compromising files on the reality TV candidate.

In 2021, Alix Desmoineau made some shocking revelations about Illan Castronovo. On the set of TPMP, the pretty brunette accused the young man of having raped several minors. Following these accusations, the ex of Isabeau was ousted from all reality TV shows. For a little over a year, he was discreet on social networks to avoid any scandal. However, her story quickly went viral online. The reality TV candidate would have received numerous complaints against him.

Illan Castronovo therefore lost a lot because of this case. Recently, he made the cover of an article in the Parisian with Julien Bert who accuses them of attacking two young women in a nightclub. The two influencers allegedly drugged the complainants and would have filmed their sexual intercourse. The biggest rival of Illan Castronovo did not hesitate to react to this new controversy. Alix Desmoineaux stick to his words. Annoyed at being constantly humiliated and dirty, the young man violently tackled the ex of Benji Samat.

Illan Castronovo reveals compromising files on Alix

In a recent Instagram story, the young man wrote: “A year that I have been harassed, I dare to speak only once and I am the bad guy. Those who believe this witch and who contribute to this daily harassment, you will go to hell”. Very upset against the reality TV candidate, Illan Castronovo threw out big files. He notably unveiled images of Alix Desmoineaux in a nightclub as go-go dancer. In this video, Benji Samat’s ex kisses a woman and poses near a man in his underwear. He also accused the pretty brunette of having abandoned her Savannah breed cat. Illan Castronovo also claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Alix Desmoineaux in the past. For the moment, the main concerned has not reacted to all these revelations. It would seem that the reality TV candidate has not said his last word.

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