“I’m dragging my paw a bit”: live from the Star Academy prime, Nikos Aliagas looks back on his fall

“I’m dragging my paw a bit”: live from the Star Academy prime, Nikos Aliagas looks back on his fall

Saturday, November 19, the star academy is back on TF1 with the sixth bonus of the season. At the start of the show, Nikos Aliagas, who suffered a violent fall during the last prime, gave his news. The presenter took the opportunity to thank Camille Combal who replaced him during the NRJ Music Awards ceremony.

For the first time in more than ten years, Nikos did not present the ceremony of NRJ Music Awards. The reason : a violent fall that occurred during the last prime of the star academy. “After a bad fall I injured myself on Saturday on the Star Academy bonus. […] Can’t wait to see you live on Saturday for the Starac semi-final!”explained the host on his Twitter account. To replace it at short notice, Camille Combal was chosen.Get well Nikos Aliagas!!!! Looking forward to getting back in shape on Saturday night! And thank you for the trust my friend. Stress at 8000 now to live up to it”wrote the presenter of Dance with the stars on his Twitter account. During an interview with Le Parisien, he spoke about the circumstances of this last-minute replacement. “I was called on Tuesday evening but I was at the theater. So I could not call back until the next day. And first thing in the morning, I contacted Nikos to check on him and discuss all this with him. There, he told me that he himself had proposed my name to take over. Without it, I wouldn’t have done ithe confided to the Parisian.

Nikos Aliagas looks back on his fall and thanks Camille Combal

Saturday November 19, Nikos Aliagas was back live to present the sixth bonus of the star academy. At the start of the showthe presenter confided in his condition. “We would like to hear from you Nikos, because last week you had a little fall on the set, I hope you are feeling better?”asked Michael Goldman. “It’s true I had a small fall, small sores. I’m dragging my feet a bit. But hey, we can fall, there are plenty of people who fall, but the main thing is to decide to get upsaid the host, before sending a message to Camille Combal. “I was unable to travel last night to present the NRJ Music Awards ceremony, but I would like to say a big thank you and a big bravo to Camille Combal who replaced me at short noticehe added. A beautiful message.

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