“I’m fed up with covers at a slow tempo, without singularity” – Liberation

“I’m fed up with covers at a slow tempo, without singularity” – Liberation

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The actor Bruno Putzulu reveals his musical tastes to “Liberation”.

A great friend of the late Johnny, the actor is back to singing for a second album where he signs all the texts. We think of Pierre Barouh, Yves Simon, or Maxime Le Forestier. There are worse as references.

What was the first record you bought as a teenager with your own money?

Deus, Adrian Celentano. I was 14 years old. Even today, when I listen to Adriano, I feel that there is Italian blood in me. Dad only spoke French at home, so I filled that gap by listening to Celentano.

Your favorite way to listen to music?

I listen on a CD player, but all means are good.

The last record you bought?

Johnny Cash, American III: Lonely Man a CD.

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

In the silence of the night in the car, when it slips on the macadam.

Do you listen to music while working?

Learning texts while listening to music is impossible for me. The music takes over.

The song that you are ashamed to listen to with pleasure?

I’m not ashamed of what makes me happy, that would be the height of bullshit.

The record that everyone loves and you hate?

I don’t know what everyone likes and over time I hate

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