“I’m just extremely talented”

“I’m just extremely talented”

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Machine Gun Kelly claims he never “gave up rapping” in favor of his rock career.

The American rapper has traded his well-known hip-hop identity for pop punk on his last two albums, Tickets To My Downfall (2020) and Mainstream Sellout (2022), and has collaborated with a handful of artists Rock such as Travis Barker (Blink-182), April Lavigne and yungblud.

Despite all of this, MGK insists he never really gave up rapping, even though a lot of people will tell you otherwise.

Indeed, in a recent interview with The Hollywood ReporterMGK interrupts the journalist when he begins to say that he left rap for rock.

He declares : “I have to stop you. I never ‘gave up’ rap. I’m just extremely talented and I added to my catalog which had four very good rap albums. I therefore enriched my catalog, without ever moving away, giving up or changing paths. Because, you see, the same year, one of my videos on YouTube, that of ‘my confinement sessions’, was the most viewed of all [milieu du] rap, and got more views than almost all of my other videos. It was hundreds of millions of views…on a video of me rapping.”

He then goes after people who categorize his work in this way, adding: “So when people say ‘gave up’ or when they say ‘Oh man, you’ve changed’. Damn, are you stupid or what?”

He even adds that he “stopped giving interviews” because of this problem: “I heard: ‘Oh, he gave up [le rap]oh, he changed’, etc. [trop de fois]. Do you know how long [j’entends cela] ? It kills me on a daily basis.”

At the beginning of the year, the musician announced that he was “done with rock” and that his next album would be a return to his rootsto his hip-hop roots.

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