“I’m not joking about it”

“I’m not joking about it”

Ghostface Killah took the floor to deny rumors of a falling out with his colleague Raekwon.

All is well between the members of the Wu

Whatever the series may have staged Wu-Tang: an American sagabroadcast across the Atlantic on the Hulu platform and responsible for retracing the formation and the first steps of the Wu-Tang Clan. If the program will have evoked a falling out having opposed Raekwon to Ghostface before they joined the group, in the opinion of the interpreter ofApollo Kidsit has absolutely no basis.

Podcast guest Outside with Gorilla Nems, ghost face will have thus confirmed never to have any problem with his brothers of Wu before they found success, let alone with Raekwon: “Rae and I have never been in beef. Rae and I never had a problem. They just changed the characters. »

When one of the presenters of the show will ask Ghostface if he was able to laugh with his colleague at this beef staged in the series, the rapper wanted to be serious: “I mean, I’m not kidding about it, because it’s not my story. But you know, Rae is my brother. I love it. We have chemistry, he taught me a lot of things, a lot of slang, because where they came from, they had a lot of slang. »

In 2019, RZA explained that the series Wu-Tang: an American saga was a “historical fiction”and that it was not possible to “take each scene literally. »


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