“I’m not ready to sing”, “vocal problems”, “not in good enough shape”… The star gives up once again

“I’m not ready to sing”, “vocal problems”, “not in good enough shape”… The star gives up once again

It’s been over a year since Celine Dion has put her career on hold and that it gives rare news. His fans are eagerly awaiting him, but his world tour is constantly being postponed. She participates, to the extent of her abilities, in various projects. Thereby, the public will find it next May at the cinemain his own role, in the film love one more timealongside Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan. She also participated in a tribute album to Jean-Jacques Goldman, entitled The Goldman Legacy 2in stores on December 2

The French singer and the Quebec diva have forged a special relationship over the years. He is also one of his favorite authors. It was he who wrote many hit songs. For this special album, it was decided to release an unreleased version of The Memory of Abrahaman album title Of them, released in 1995.

It was normally expected that Celine Dion reinterprets the song in the studio… But this recovery fell through. It was reworked from old voice takes. In question ? The state of health of the singer.

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Treasures in the archives

Erick Benzi, arranger of the album, reveals to RTLthis Thursday, November 17: She has health problems, that’s true. It gets better, it takes time, it’s not easy “. He sheds some light by reporting the secrets of the singer: “ She said : “I’m not ready to sing“, I did not insist on asking him “What is happening ? “.

To carry out this project of The Goldman Legacy 2Erick Benzi, who has known Celine Dion since 1995, had to ” dive into the archives of the album D’eux “, Explain RTL which states: It was by digging through the latter that he was able to find old voice recordings of the Canadian singer to reinvent The memory of Abraham. “.

The expert tells RTL : “ When I called her to propose this to her, she was super happy to participate in a tribute to Jean-Jacques, but she still had vocal problems, she was not yet in good enough shape to do something. Céline, that’s the advantage with her, when you’re in the studio, there’s nothing to throw away. That’s when I proposed to him: “Listen, I’m going to cover one of your songs that you sang at the time”. I searched through the tracks I had and was able to extract a voice track that is unreleased “.

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