“I’m out of here”: Tiana (Star Academy) completely cracks up and makes a request to viewers

“I’m out of here”: Tiana (Star Academy) completely cracks up and makes a request to viewers

This Tuesday, November 8, Tiana passed her assessments in front of the teachers of the Star Academy. But not everything went as planned for the youngest of the competition, who completely cracked after her performance.

Tuesdays are not days like any other for the students of the star academy. Every week, they have to pass their evaluations in front of the teachers. A crucial step since it is she who determines which academicians will end up on the bench of nominees during the next prime. Last week, they are Carla and Paola on the one hand and Léa and Tiana on the other who ended up in an ejection seat. Exceptionally, the tenants of the castle of Dammarie-Lès-Lys had indeed presented themselves as a duo.

This week, the habits of the students have again been turned upside down since they had very little time to prepare their performance! Indeed, the academicians only learned of the song they were to perform one hour before the evaluations. Everyone had their own piece and only a few tens of minutes for preparing. Insufficient time to the young Tiana, the youngest of the competitionwho has somewhat lost his means in the face of Michael Goldman and his acolytes.

Tiana bursts into tears and is comforted by Enola

Called to appear in front of the teachers just after Enola, Tiana had to interpret the piece I come from the southoriginally sung by Michel Sardou then taken over by Chimène Badi. But although she had the lyrics in front of her, the young singer got tangled up on the lyrics. Even if she then succeeded rather well in her theater improvisation – she had to play a couple argument on the phone in the middle of a library -, there “little sister” talk to is convinced of it: she will be on the bench of nominees this week.

Immediately after his performance, Tiana therefore collapsed in the arms of Chrisscreaming that she wanted to quit the show. “I’m out of here, I don’t want to do the show anymore. I don’t belong here anymoreshe notably launched, in tears, before taking refuge in her bed. Buried under her duvets, she even asked viewers, facing the camera, not to vote for her in the future. Words spoken under the influence of emotion and anger, before the young woman was quickly calmed down by the sage Enola, who came to her rescue to comfort her. A great moment of emotion that has been widely commented on social networks.

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