“I’m ready to go”: Salvatore Adamo, stricken by illness, makes a terrible confession

“I’m ready to go”: Salvatore Adamo, stricken by illness, makes a terrible confession

Salvatore Adamo had planned a long promotional tour for his new album In French please but an attack of the vocal cords obliges the singer to rest and silence. An interview carried out before the diagnosis of the disease reveals an Adamo who looks at the horizon with serenity.

Who could have predicted to the timidly sickly boy what was Salvatore Adamo, such a career ? It all started at 17 for the young Sicilian landed in Belgium with his parents at the age of 4 years. Salvatore Adamo participates and wins a song contest organized on the radio. From 1963, success was there. Without you my love, The snow falls or My hands on your hips delight the public. Its notoriety flew well beyond the borders of the flat country or the hexagon to the United States or Chile. Now the artist has almost 60 years of an irreproachable career behind him, during which he will have sold more than 100 million albums. Yet the passion is still there, anchored to the body. At 79, Salvatore Adamo still has the desire to go on stage, but the disease decided otherwise a few weeks ago.

Remaining time

Ready to give a concert on January 20 as part of his promotional tour for his new album In French please, Adamo had to give up. According to information from our colleagues at Parisiandated January 9, 2023, Salvatore Adamo suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia. So he can’t sing“. For the time being the singer has undertaken a rehabilitation of the vocal cords and must rest his voice, effectively canceling interviews and concerts to spare themselves. A blow for those who only aspire to do their job and who have already experienced a similar ordeal in 2019 and of which he kept a bad memory.

In the TV Star of this January 16, comments collected on December 8 – before the cancellation of the singer’s tour – reveal that Adamo has become fatalistic. When asked how he approaches the time he has left to livethe singer who was always sure his career wouldn’t last, sweetly says “I try not to think about it but I’m ready to go. Life allowed me to do what I loved.”

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