“I’m ready to go”

“I’m ready to go”

Salvatore Adamo at his worst must give up his long and great promotional tour for his new album In french please. In this sense, the famous singer finds himself forced to rest and silence while waiting for the recovery of his vocal cords. At the same time, Salvatore Adamo does not hesitate to talk about his state of health in an interview and calmly evokes the end.

A long and successful career

In effect, Salvatore Adamo at his worst according to a terrible diagnosis decides to break the silence on this subject to reassure his fans.

In this sense, the famous singer also takes the opportunity to promote his new opus for which he was planning a promotional tour.
Apparently, the Italian-Belgian songwriter meets huge success with the public French, often very demanding.

In particular, at the beginning of the 60s by his hits “My hands on your hips”, “Without you my life” or even “Fall the snow”.

Salvatore Adamo at its worst

In effect, Salvatore Adamo in the worst case has to give up his plans for the moment because of a hematoma on a vocal cord.

In this direction, he had planned to give a concert on Friday January 20 but the doctors recommend him to rest.
At the same time, the magazine Le Parisien had reported a few days earlier that the famous singer suffered from temporary aphonia.

Therefore, the artist will not be able to go on stage to sing his many hits for quite a while.
Moreover, the famous singer follow rehabilitation sessions to regain the use of his vocal cords as before.

Singer’s Heartbreaking Confession

In effect, it is not the first time that Salvatore Adamo suffers a hematoma on a vocal cord causing temporary aphonia.

In this sense, the famous singer finds himself in a similar situation in 2019he had to put off his plans.
Apparently, the artist who cares a lot about his job and his audience can’t stand having to postpone a project.

Therefore, he still grants an interview to Télé Star despite doctors’ recommendations to respect silence.
In particular, he confides in December that life allowed him to live from his passion and that he was now ready to leave.


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