In 2023, the laundry room will become a bookcase

In 2023, the laundry room will become a bookcase

Michel Gérard, the mayor of the municipality and members of the municipal council organized a New Year’s greetings ceremony on Saturday, January 7 at 6:30 p.m. About 50 people attended. The mayor first explained that this is the first official opportunity to present the City Council team, which consists of many young elected officials. Invitations were sent to the new residents of the commune. The mayor recalled the difficult beginning of his mandate, due to the geographical distance of one councilor and the resignation of another. Michel Gérard indicated that the municipality’s finances are healthy despite decreasing state aid. It was recalled several actions carried out by volunteers during 2021, as well as performed and planned works in the municipal budget, especially the installation of three watercourses with a capacity of 120 m3 and the development of the pond waterfront. Altogether more than 500 m3 water reserves were created for fire protection. Actions for 2022 were also mentioned. As for 2023, several ongoing projects were mentioned: work on the presbytery, the transformation of the old laundry into a book store, plantations to hide the water pocket from the Chassigny road, the protection of Noidant. Chatenoy catchment and partial replacement of more than a century old pipes.

The mayor also referred to the problem of the small number of students enrolled in the school and made it clear that he did not want to sign its closure despite multiple requests. Association leaders were praised for their engagement. The ward councilor, Véronique Michel, made a short intervention. Then Eric Darbot, president of the Savoir-Faire commune community, took the floor to recall CCSF projects, also condemning the decline in state funding. The municipality then invited the participants to a glass of friendship.

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