In 2023, we will have to spend more to travel less –

In 2023, we will have to spend more to travel less –

While it had already jumped 16% in 2022, the price of travel abroad has risen again this year. The fault, among other things, of a very strong post-Covid demand, with people who want to make up for lost time, explained in the 12:30 p.m. the vice-president of the Swiss Travel Federation Stéphane Jayet.

“The average price of a trip has increased slightly”, immediately confirms Jacqueline Ulrich, the co-director of the agency “L’esprit du voyage”, in Fribourg, where the RTS pushed the door. At the microphone of 12:30 p.m. Thursday, she completes: “In my opinion, this is a situation that will not regress. We will rather move forward”.

For this specialist in the organized travel industry, this trend is explained in particular by increases in air and hotel prices, especially compared to last year which was a year of recovery after the pandemic. “Companies have played with lower prices to revive the market,” she analyzes.

Travel less, but better?

A market which has since recovered very strongly. “Requests for this summer are pouring in day by day at the moment, it’s crazy work!”, Testifies the travel agent, who points in particular to a crush towards Thailand, Mauritius or even Majorca.

For many people, the desire to travel is there after the pandemic, but sometimes projects have to be scaled down: “Expectations are revised, budgets are adapted… We are here to find solutions, such as leaving for 7 days instead of 10 for example. We have to adapt. Perhaps we will realize that traveling less, but better, will be the future of our work”, concludes Jacqueline Ulrich.

“We have never pushed for mass tourism”

What we advocate at the Swiss Travel Federation is to “travel better, with a slightly different budget and against mass tourism”, explains its vice-president Stéphane Jayet.

To the point of dropping low-cost tourism, cheap offers? “At the umbrella level, we have never pushed mass tourism. This tourism, via low-cost airlines, is something that takes the form of a ‘double-click product’, as I like to say it”, image Stéphane Jayet.

“People do not need the added value of a travel agency to access these mass trips. Our added value is in the advice, proactivity and objectivity of the offer”, says- it is worth.

Rising prices: tour operators plead not guilty

The vice-president of the Swiss Travel Federation firmly refutes any deliberate desire on the part of tour operators to drive prices up to take advantage of the post-pandemic thirst for travel.

“We pass on the prices which are based on the mechanism of supply and demand (…) We have destinations like Japan or Australia which are exploding because the whole world, stuck with these destinations during the pandemic, now wants to access them”, argues Stéphane Jayet to explain the increase in prices.

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Destinations like Japan or Australia are exploding as the whole world, stuck with these destinations during the pandemic, now wants to access them

Stéphane Jayet, vice-president of the Swiss Travel Federation

“At the end of 2021-beginning of 2022, we still had some ‘morning fog’ compared to the Covid, we did not know exactly what visibility we were going to have for the summer. In 2023, we have a much more open, clearer visibility”, continues the vice-president of the umbrella of travel agencies, who concludes: “2023 is going to be more expensive”.

>> Listen to Stéphane Jayet’s interview on Thursday at 12:30 p.m.:

Traveling less but better: interview with Stéphane Jayet / Le 12h30 / 3 min. / yesterday at 12:39

Interview by Coralie Claude
Radio report: Thibaut Clémence
Web adaptation: Vincent Cherpillod

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