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in an open golden jumpsuit and sexy lingerie on Instagram, she reveals her body without detours!

in an open golden jumpsuit and sexy lingerie on Instagram, she reveals her body without detours!

New Year’s Eve star, Miley Cyrus held its own show on NBC to celebrate the evening of the 31st in ” Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party“. A festive occasion, which the singer honored with many more sexy and hot looks from each other. In parallel with this television performance, the beautiful blonde also makes the show on Instagram, where she provides the teaser for her new single “Flower”, which will be released on January 13th. And for good reason: in two videos posted on her Instagram account, she reveals excerpts from the future clip of her EP, in which she appears sexier than ever. Dressed alternately in a golden cut-out jumpsuit that reveals her abs and then in a set of black lingerie, Miley Cyrus pulls out all the stops to promote its new title.

Miley Cyrus: in a cut-out jumpsuit and fine lingerie to promote her new single

Indeed, in two short videos published on her personal Instagram account, Miley Cyrus reveals herself in style (and in sexy underwear). First in a jumpsuit with an open belly that reveals her concrete abs on the heights of Los Angeles, then in a black bikini, in a kind of striptease between the garden hoses. In summary, great Miley Cyruswhich announces a tube and a memorable clip.

Miley Cyrus: a sharp and sexy style influenced by vintage fashion

From her debut in “Hannah Montana” to her famous “Wrecking Ball”, the style of Miley Cyrus has evolved well. But one of these fashion passions remains, despite all the looks she has been able to try: the love of vintage. Indeed, Miley Cyrus is a fan of second-hand pieces, especially when it comes to luxury. A responsible and fashionable appeal that we too would do well to draw inspiration from for outfits that are as desirable as they are unique.

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