“In children’s songs, we dare more than before”

“In children’s songs, we dare more than before”

Why did you turn to a young audience 15 years ago?

In my repertoire, before “Enfantillages”, there were a lot of songs about childhood. So I naturally slid towards this universe because I really wanted to fulfill myself in it.

At the start, the fact that there were often two readings in my songs bothered the professionals a bit: it wasn’t “chartered” for young audiences as they usually do, that is to say separate parents and children.

In the end, that was an asset and, today, “Enfantillages” unites children, parents and grandparents, especially in concert.

What has changed in the children’s song?

We dare more than before. This somewhat transgressive side is good, there has to be a little bit of “punk attitude”. Before, it was obsolete.

It’s funny because when I say: “I make songs for young audiences”, I feel in people’s eyes this old-fashioned side where I celebrate at school disguised as a rabbit. It’s been like that since the 1960s.

The singer for children is the image either of a guy with a mustache, or of a Chantal Goya who sings “Bécassine” or animal stories. It’s not that this children’s song is ridiculous, it’s that it was aimed at the little ones: in the 7-12 year old bracket, there wasn’t much.

Don’t you sometimes want to get out?

I feel really good, I have the impression of having found myself artistically. Side steps, I do them within this universe by collaborating with very different artists: a rocker like Peter Garrett from Midnight Oil, a singer like Youssou N’Dour, people from variety or metal . We did a “Super granny” with the guitarist from Trust.

Since the first “Enfantillages”, we have had more than 100 singers. So I have no frustration. Finally, I realize myself much more than in an adult register.

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