In difficulty, Netflix will try live

In difficulty, Netflix will try live

Like TV, or almost. Netflix will broadcast live a show of American comedian Chris Rocka first for the streaming giant, which wants to win back subscribers and faces competition from other platforms already offering live broadcasts.

Netflix is ​​also planning to offer live sports on its platform, according to information disclosed by the the wall street journal this week.

Experimenting with a live broadcast with Chris Rock, who made headlines in the spring when he was slapped by actor Will Smith during the Oscars ceremony, is a way for Netflix to diversify its offer. The show will be broadcast in early 2023, Netflix announced Thursday, in a press release where its vice-president in charge of humor, Robbie Praw, promised “an unforgettable moment”.

A tendency to reverse

The group suffered a growth crisis in the first half, with a net loss of 1.2 million subscribers, which prompted him to take various measures to reverse the trend. In particular, since November it has offered a new, cheaper monthly subscription, but with advertising, in order to attract new consumers and earn additional income.

In the ultra-competitive universe of streaming, where platforms are now plethora, its rivals Disney + and Amazon Prime Video already allow their subscribers to watch sports or live concerts.

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