in Great Britain, the mixed success of Prince Harry’s book

in Great Britain, the mixed success of Prince Harry’s book

Pour in a small bookstore “House of Banks”, located in North London, this Tuesday, January 10, was a day like any other. However, she was welcoming a new book to her stands prince harry baptized Spare, translation “replacement”. But this brilliant 500-page unboxing didn’t exactly attract crowds across the Channel. Multiple interviews awarded by the prince in recent days, as well as the leaking of information about this work, visibly dissuaded the British from purchasing it.

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In this bookstore, Natacha, the manager, nevertheless pointed out the Duke of Sussex’s new publication. Without success. “It must be said that this cold and rainy weather does not help, it is quite calm. However, since November we have had several calls to postpone the book as well as pre-orders.

“I’m not interested”

On leaving the bookstore, the indifference of some contrasts with the impatience of others. “I will not buy the book, there is no difference and I am not interested,” testifies this British man while a young woman testifies about fatigue: “I was watching the Netflix series and I said to myself ‘Enough! Enough is done now. In contrast, this reader stomps his feet: “I want to know what goes on behind the scenes of the monarchy. I saw what he said on TV, but I want to know more. Don’t…

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