in just 10 days, this fantastic film becomes the most viewed in the history of the platform

in just 10 days, this fantastic film becomes the most viewed in the history of the platform

This unexpected film quickly imposed itself on Netflix, despite the contrasting opinions of Internet users. The success of this fantastic Scandinavian feature film could even earn it a sequel on the streaming platform.

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It is a surprise to which even netflix did not expect! Trollcurrently number 2 in the Top 10 new releases on the streaming platform in France, becomes the most viewed non-English language film of all time on Netflix. This Norwegian fantasy film totaled 52.27 million viewing hours for the week of December 5-11 alone. In 10 days, it obtained the score of 128, 13 million hours of viewing, 18 million more than the previous record holder, the German film blood red sky. Troll tells the story of a fearless paleontologist called in by the authorities of the country when an explosion in the mountains has awakened a mysterious creature… If no one believes it at first, it is an ancient troll , ready to destroy everything in his path now that his environment is threatened, just like him. Nora Tidemann, accustomed to the tales told by her father when she was a child, thinks she knows how this mountain troll thinks and reacts. Will his knowledge be enough to protect the city from destruction?

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Troll a hit on Netflix, despite very contrasting opinions

If the figures are eloquent, on social networks, opinions differ. “Who sincerely liked this film? Because sincerely apart from the troll which is well done, everything else is to be thrown away: the script, the characters, everything is appalling”, can we read on Twitter. “Oh that sucks. Archetypal characters, stupid script and unassuming King Kong remake. Just the special effects are very good but other than that it’s appalling”, add another. For some, on the contrary, the Norwegian film is a revelation: “The movie Troll on Netflix is ​​loud! I really liked it“, “I wasn’t expecting anything from it and I was pleasantly surprised. This Troll on Netflix is ​​very effective. This Norwegian Godzilla takes up all the codes of the genre but adds a refreshing folklore aspect. We don’t take our heads off and we have a good moment”.

Troll : a sequel to the hit film?

Faced with success on Netflix, the director of TrollRoar Uthaug, and producers, Espen Horn and Kristian Strand Sinkerud, discussed the possibility of a sequel to the film Troll. If the filmmaker prefers to wait for feedback from the streaming platform before speaking, the producers of the estimated project “as the most expensive in Scandinavian history” are obviously up for a second part, or even a trilogy.

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