In Porto-Vecchi, intact and living memory of the divine bald, Claude Papi

In Porto-Vecchi, intact and living memory of the divine bald, Claude Papi

We have rarely seen so much enthusiasm at a signing. Friday night, in the coves soul on The old portwe jostled to get to the signing table and left with his copy Claude Papiiconthe result of the extraordinary work of our colleagues Jean Paul Cappuri, Jean Richard Graziani, Jean Marco Raffaelli and Xavier Grimaldi.

In the audience, in addition to his wife, daughter, brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and great-nephews who came in large numbers, there were also those who knew Claude, his family, his parents’ bakery in the heart of the city.

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Everyone has their own anecdote, proudly showing the photo in the book: “Look, it’s me, it’s Claude, it’s my cousin… We must have been 15 years old, we played sports all the time, all together. We went up to Corte, to Bastia… It was nice time.”

Parts in the street, in the portals of buildings

In a speech in front of more than two hundred people, Josip, the oldest of the brothers and sisters, spoke “an exceptional work that shows that the memory of Claude is still present. His childhood friends are there and show that Claude’s first quality was his loyalty: to SCB, to Porto-Vecchi, to his island, to his family, to his . . .” Friends who told stories about football matches in the street, “with doors like cages”, until now, tournaments organized by neighborhood kids “where we put Maurice as captain of one team, Claude of the other, and we chose our side, which of the two brothers we wanted to see or win…”

Emotions in the voices and on the faces, but a joyful atmosphere, like a family coming together after too long of separation. “This fortieth anniversary was the right time for this book. The family, those very close now have the perspective, the maturity to talk about my father differently. In addition, it has allowed us to rediscover our family history”, says Marie-Jeanne Papi, Bald Divine’s eldest daughter. Not without specifying it “If it weren’t for these authors, we would have opposed the publication of the book. They knew and visited my father well, I see them again with him in a cafe when I was a child… The relationship of trust was there and that was the most important thing.”

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The idea for this book goes much further than last year, “Actually it dates from a very short time before Claude’s death. We went to spend two or three days with him, who was near the end of his career. We talked a lot, we asked him a lot of questions. Borio appeared in the light, he put others on first place, not yourself”, developed by Jean Marc Raffaelli. The then project was finally abandoned when the football player died, “but we found the notebook, we picked up where we left off to finally publish this last interview. I hope those who knew him feel they hear his voice as they read it.”

“Symbol of our common history”

The authors never thought of presenting this book anywhere other than Porto-Vecchio, the city where Claude Papi was born, family and childhood friends. “who opened their hearts to us and whom we want to thank for that. For our part, we had memories to verify, an emotion of support that returned intact in the conversation with each of the people we met. We experienced very powerful moments with loved ones”, insisted Jean Paul Cappuri. And apparently the city of salt could host only the first meeting between the author and the public: “The question was not even asked: the picture of Claude Papi is beyond all of us. My generation unfortunately did not know him, but we have the feeling that he has followed us since childhood. ASPV, even today, we talk about Claude Papi. No other symbol of our shared history brings us closer together. so much. When we talk about an icon, that term is absolutely not overused.”judge Vincent Gambini, a municipal councilor, but above all a football lover, like several elected officials of the micro-region who also came to sign their books.

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Obviously during the evening there was talk about football, the European epic, the World Cup in 1978, SCB, the won but not played final in 1981. “and he was the first one to be happy when he wasn’t even on the bench that night. He was happy because it was his team. What player would have that attitude today?”

Marie-Jeanne, the footballer’s eldest daughter, says she always knew it was “aura in French football and at the international level. But today we are measuring this enormous power of transmission of football that no longer exists.”

Humility, simplicity, sincerity are undoubtedly the words that were repeated the most on Friday night, and afterwards “his passion that shines on every page of the book”.

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