In Rennes, this bookstore launches used books

In Rennes, this bookstore launches used books

Only two days after the launch, customers already returned about a hundred paperback books, “classics, novels, humanist books, thrillers… It’s very diverse,” explains Patrick Riou, director of the Book Forum, in the La Visitation shopping center. The bookstore is being launched on the occasion of this, “initially on paperbacks, but then we will expand to novels. »

“The book has become expensive”

In the last deposit, this Wednesday, we find Kant, Christiane Taubira, Paul Auster… “about fifteen books, explains Lucile, the bookseller. In exchange, the couple received a €12 voucher, which they immediately reinvested in their books. That’s what people who apply tell us booksellers they are very selective and give little in return. »

Lucile, the bookseller received a new starter of fifteen paperbacks | WESTERN FRANCE

The idea is to take back books in good condition at 10% of their new purchase price and resell them at 30% of their new selling price. “It meets the demand. The book has become expensive, even the paperback. Buying new can be a hurdle. For the sake of circular economy, ecology, to provide a service. »

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On the one hand, it is an opportunity to get rid of the books you have already read, which are piling up on the shelves, to reinvest in the purchase of other books through vouchers, on the other hand, it is an opportunity to buy books at a lower price. charge. “For example, we had a whole collection of Cherubs. Six used children’s books sold for the price of one new volume! » Another example, life and destiny Vassilija Crossman, €12.70 for a new book, €3.81 for a used novel.

Used books are scattered on the shelves WESTERN FRANCE

The forum did not open a used goods section, “we prefer to insert books first into the dedicated section, novel, youth, philosophy…” It’s up to everyone to find the right offer!

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