In Yssingelais, Laura Bouilhol reveals her “surprises” and all the secrets of fruit

In Yssingelais, Laura Bouilhol reveals her “surprises” and all the secrets of fruit

“Mirror my beautiful mirror”, reveal to me the secret of fruits. Laura Bouilhol chose a logo with the image of a witch to identify her products. But unlike the Queen in Snow White, who specializes in red apples, this one is good. When he climbs on the broom to get the ingredients needed for his fruit-based preparations, on the contrary, he will delight the taste buds.
The career of Laura, the creator of Les Surprises d’Élise, is quite reminiscent of a fairy tale that we would tell each other at Christmas markets (the producer will be present for a particularly large part of the month of December at that Le Puy) at the same time as we would exchange sweet recipes. At the end of the year, the tenth anniversary of the founding of the converting business is also celebrated.
Laura Bouilhol set up her studio in her house in the town of Araules, in the village of Courcoules. Aptly named: there is no shortage of “flowing” springs that flow down from Mount Clarel and are suitable for growing fruit. Nature is omnipresent here. The house overlooking Sucs d’Achon and Bellecombe, Ollières, Meygal visible on the horizon, is equipped with a phytopurification system. The fruit processor shares a place of residence with people who are often passing by, all of whom are close to the land, who participate in the daily life of the household and in the outdoor facilities. Then one fine day they leave, to live a new human or professional adventure, like this young couple who recently lived at home and became independent by farming in Grazac.

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