“Infarction or stroke, who is waiting for me first? “: Valentin (ADP 16) reveals his great distress

“Infarction or stroke, who is waiting for me first? “: Valentin (ADP 16) reveals his great distress

We like to think that for the farmers we discover in Love is in the meadow, everything is always for the best in the best of all possible worlds. But in fact, some live in dramatic personal situations. This is the case of Valentin Moricet, farmer in season 16.

It was in February 2021 that viewers met Valentin, who was taking part in the season 16 of Love is in the meadow. Breton, 27-year-old market gardener and edible flower grower had immediately been able to attract the sympathy of the public, from the height of his meter 96. The farmer, who lacked a lot of self-confidence, admitted to being terribly shy by nature, and was not not attractive”. The tattooed bearded man with a big heart, who often lugs around her cat on her shoulderhad told the sorrow of his life. Her one and only love story at 18 had quickly come to an end when her partner cheated on her, leaving her with a strong sense of bitterness. It was therefore necessary to find the one that would repair Valentin’s heart. And the latter assured the latter he would be ready to “give everything and offer everything”:I’ve been thinking about it since late last year. I think that without the show I will not find. I will stay in the scheme continue to work 7 days a week. Work is a refuge, had explained the one who then wanted to find the mother of his children.

I wondered what I was going to become”

And since the show, the long-awaited miracle has taken place for Valentin, but he arrived with a not insignificant procession of galleys In West France, the colossus confided openly and he worries. If the show gave him a lot, it also took him. Under the spotlight you have to be wary of “fake friends“and mourn those he loses “by jealousy”. But that’s not the only problem, with the Covid crisis Valentin’s business has been hit hard. Several chefs can no longer afford its products. He is hit a second time by the spell when his request for permission to dig a well on his land is ignored. Due to a lack of water reserves, during the great drought this summer, it loses 95% of its precious and fragile production. “I remember one evening in June when I sat in front of my garden. I saw all my burnt red fruits, the burnt grass… I wondered what I was going to become and I still haven’t been able to answer the question”, alarms the disenchanted horticulturist who hasn’t managed to earn a single salary in 6 years. “Luckily I’m staying with my dad“, he explains.

With Charley, history is still conjugated in the present but…

These tests reach the morale of the light-eyed giant who no longer closes his eyes for more than 3 hours a night. “I wonder which of the infarction or the AVC awaits me the first with the turn”, he says sadly. Only his garden still manages to distract him from his anxieties and allows him to travel thanks to the 300 varieties of plants that inhabit it. “With my flowers, I feel good. It’s thanks to them that I’m still here“, he confesses. What about Charley, the dentist who stole her heart while filming Love is in the meadow ? Their history is still conjugated in the present, but most often at a distance. “We can’t see each other much, reveals Valentin with a heavy heart. But it is she who re-motivates me, and who maintains the flame of my passion.” News far from resembling what we would have hoped for him and his beautiful …

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