Infirmary: Neymar injured, his swollen ankle filmed by Brazilian TV

Infirmary: Neymar injured, his swollen ankle filmed by Brazilian TV

The tile for Neymar from Brazil’s first match at the World Cup. The Brazilian No.10 was hit in the ankle on a tackle and had to come off. Shot on the bench then, he was filmed with a very swollen right ankle.

Neymar’s perfect, injury-free start to the season is sadly already over, and that was already over in Brazil’s first game at the 2002 World Cup for which they have been preparing for months. Hit by a Serbian tackle in the right ankle, the one that has already been affected many times in the past, the Brazilian first winced in pain then resumed play a few minutes before sitting down on the ground, doing understand that he could not continue the game, and he was then quickly replaced.

Seen hiding his head under his shirt through the cameras of the Brazilian television channel Globo, Neymar was treated with a large ice pack during the meeting but he was mostly filmed at the end of the game with the right ankle particularly swollen by the same Brazilian cameras.

Globo certainly filmed the player a little more smiling on the bench after his exit or explained later that it was a change as a precaution, the condition of the ankle of the n ° 10 remains worrying and it will now be necessary wait for the first examinations concerning him.

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