Inspired by Spielberg, John Williams makes this completely unexpected announcement

Inspired by Spielberg, John Williams makes this completely unexpected announcement

The illustrious composer of film soundtracks John Williams just made a completely unexpected announcement. A speech motivated by the choices of his lifelong friend, Steven Spielberg.

One last lap Indiana Jones 5

John Williams is a monument of cinema. The 90-year-old conductor has composed the soundtracks of some of Hollywood’s greatest films (the licenses Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Jaws, ET, Saving Private Ryan, AI, etc.). It is largely under the leadership of his great friend and director Steven Spielberg that the American composer, conductor and pianist has officiated since the 1970s. A very long-lasting friendship and collaboration that continues today, since John Williams created the soundtrack from the last feature film of the father ofAND, The Fabelmans, which will be released in cinemas on February 22 at the cinema.

However, we learned last summer that the composer emeritus wanted to end his career after one final project: the realization of the soundtrack of the last Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones 5 by James Mangold with the illustrious Harisson Ford, also in a final burst. At the time, Williams justified this choice by the will of the key player in the franchise to endorse one last time the hat and the whip of the famous archaeologist. While the shooting of the film and its post-production phase have already been completed (Indiana Jones 5 is expected in theaters in June 2023), is John Williams officially retired?

Thanks to the Spielberg family!

During a reunion with Steven Spielberg relayed by Weekly Entertainment, the conductor surprised his world by finally announcing the pursuit of his career. He explains this decision by saying to himself inspired by Harrison Ford, by Steven Spielberg, as well as his father, Arnold Spielberg.

I’ll stick around for a bit longer. I can’t get away from the music. A day without music is a mistake. You can’t say no to Steven.” “That’s how I learn that he is no longer retiring!”, Retorted the filmmaker ironically.

Williams therefore cites Arnold Spielberg as a model, who continued to practice with the USC Shoah Foundation until he was over 100 years old (he died in 2020 at the age of 103). “I still have about ten years left!”

Inspired by Spielberg, John Williams makes this completely unexpected announcement

John Williams could therefore continue to support his friend and favorite director for some time. In this regard, Spielberg is currently working on a film centered on the character of Frank Bullitt, movie police lieutenant Bullitt, released in 1968. The filmmaker would even have already found his main actor, in the person of Bradley Cooper (recently on Licorice Pizza and alley of nightmares).

Thereby, should we expect to find John Williams at the head of the film’s soundtrack? The idea of ​​a return is in any case very good news for lovers of great cinema.

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