internal investigation at BFMTV after the broadcast of “unvalidated content”

internal investigation at BFMTV after the broadcast of “unvalidated content”

Wind of panic at BFM. The management of the continuous news channel has launched an internal audit after the broadcast of multiple non-validated content, according to information from the online media Politicscollected from several internal sources. The offending show? “The night diary” presented until then by Rachid M’Barki. A television news broadcast from midnight on the info channel whose “images and words that did not follow the usual validation circuits were broadcast” indicates Politico this Thursday, February 2, “raising the suspicion of one or more influence operations”.

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According to the online media, several internal hearings have been conducted to solve this mystery. “with the colleagues of the presenter Rachid M’Barki, who has not appeared on the air since mid-January”. BFMTV also confirmed with the site that the journalist “has been exempt from activity since the start of this investigation and for the entire time of this investigation”.

“Possible state interference”

In his defence, Rachid M’Barki brandished with Politico the use of information ” who [lui] came from informants” and who don’t have “not necessarily followed the usual course of writing”. “They were all real and verified, I do my job. …I’m not ruling anything out, maybe I got tricked, didn’t feel like I was or was part of some operation of some je ne sais quoi otherwise I wouldn’t have it does “ he still defended.

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Contacted by Politico, a member of the society of journalists from BFMTV, was not able to give more details about these suspicions of interference, without however ruling out this hypothesis. “I got very few details, I just knew there was an ongoing investigation, possible state interference and spreading stuff that shouldn’t have been” did he declare.

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