Internet users cry foul when they discover the new TPMP columnists

Internet users cry foul when they discover the new TPMP columnists

This Tuesday, November 22, 2022, Cyril Hanouna was conspicuous by his absence on the set of “TPMP”. At the start of the day, the host of C8 had indeed warned that he took his evening for a privileged moment with his son: “My darlings exceptionally tonight it will be my Benjamin Castaldi at the controls of TPMP. I promised to my son that we would watch the match together but we will meet tomorrow live. And go Les Bleus “he said on social networks.

But Internet users probably did not expect the entire team of usual columnists to be replaced! Exit Géraldine Maillet, Guillaume Genton, Gilles Verdez, Valérie Bénaïm or Kelly Vedovelli… Benjamin Castaldi was indeed surrounded by other “secondary” figures of the show such as Ludivine Rétory, Hugo Manos, Sally Sanogo, Florian Anselme, Isabelle Morini -Bosc and Maxime Guény. We also note that Magali Berdah has made her comeback on the show, she who had not appeared for several months…

Furious, the viewers thus criticized Cyril Hanouna for having wanted to cause harm to Benjamin Castaldi by providing him with a team of columnists less efficient than that which is usually present on the set.


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