Is a sequel possible for Netflix’s famous hottest movie saga?

Is a sequel possible for Netflix’s famous hottest movie saga?

We have some exclusive new information to share with you about the Netflix movie sequel, 365 Days 4!

Good news, you’ve probably already watched it, but the third film in the 365 days saga has just been released on the Netflix streaming platform!

Faced with the enthusiasm of the fans, it is quite legitimate to wonder about a possible sequel to this last film. So, go quickly below to discover all our latest information on this subject!

365 days, a film saga that will keep you warm all summer long

You are certainly already familiar with the 365 Days film saga. The latter was adapted from a series of erotic novels of the same name. The three films in the saga are now all available on the Netflix streaming platform. Something to warm you up during all your summer holidays!

As a reminder, these three films will be centered around the character of Laura. The young woman has been in a relationship for several years with the same man. If his relationship begins to falter, Laura still stays with him.

The couple will then enjoy a stay in the sun for the birthday of the young woman. It is then that she will meet Massimo. As soon as he lays eyes on her, Massimo will be seduced by Laura. This dangerous man will then make a radical decision.

Rather than trying to seduce her, he will simply decide to kidnap her. Massimo will then give Laura a year to fall in love with him. If after a year she doesn’t love him, he will let her go. A market that will quickly turn into a passionate and sulphurous story.

All our latest information about a sequel to the film saga

The 365 Days film saga was always intended to be a trilogy. A few days ago you also had the joy of being able to discover the third, and last film, of the saga. Enough to allow you to find Laura, Massimo and Nacho for new adventures.

It must be said that the public was there for the release of this film. Indeed, the latter is the most watched Netflix movie in many countries around the world. Faced with such success, it seems difficult to imagine that this is the last film in the saga.

A possible sequel to the steamy movie saga, 365 Days!

Especially since the end of this last film does not really sound like an end. Many questions are left unanswered regarding the romantic future of Laura and her two lovers.

Even if the Netflix platform has not yet expressed itself on this subject, it is possible that a new film will see the light of day. Thus, the latter could tell the same story but this time placing himself from Massimo’s point of view. This idea should delight the many fans of the film. For now, you can still watch the third installment of the saga if you haven’t had the chance to see it yet. Something to warm you up!

What is the release date for the movie 365 days 4 on Netflix?

As we have just seen, we do not yet know if the 365 days saga will be entitled to a sequel or not. For the moment, the Netflix streaming platform has not yet expressed itself on this subject. But, if a new film sees the light of day, you will have to wait a little longer before it arrives on your screens.

Indeed, the scenario of the latter is not yet written. You will therefore have to wait during the writing, shooting and editing phase of the film. Thus, the continuation of the saga should not be released on Netflix before the end of next year.

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