Is a sequel possible for the new hit Netflix movie?

Is a sequel possible for the new hit Netflix movie?

We have great news for everyone who loved the Netflix movie, Look Both Ways!

You’ve probably heard of this new Netflix movie that’s causing a stir right now, so everyone’s wondering about the sequel to Look Both Ways 2.

Indeed, Netflix subscribers are wondering if a sequel is possible for this program. We have the answer to all your questions below.

Look both ways, the film that is currently a hit on the Netflix platform

The film Look both ways has just been released on the Netflix streaming platform. However, the latter is already one of the most watched programs on the platform. Subscribers were there for the launch of this new Netflix production.

The latter are now asking questions about the sequel to the film. As a reminder, this film is centered around the character of Nathalie. The young woman is played by actress Lili Reinhart, whom you have seen in the Riverdale series.

Thus, at the beginning of the film, Nathalie is about to receive her diploma. During a moment of distraction, she will end up spending the night with her best friend, Gabe. Thinking she might be pregnant, she goes for a pregnancy test. The film will then follow two completely different realities.

In one of them, Nathalie is pregnant and decides to keep the baby. In the other, she is not and leaves to live her life in Los Angeles. You will then follow the two stories in parallel. What is certain is that Nathalie’s two lives are quite full!

Is a sequel possible for the most watched Netflix movie of the moment?

Like many subscribers to the Netflix streaming platform, you have undoubtedly been seduced by the film, Look both ways. It is true that the character of Nathalie, as well as her two stories are very touching.

It is also quite easy to identify with the young woman. You must then wonder about the sequel to the film. For the moment, the Netflix platform has not yet expressed itself on the subject. Indeed, it turns out that initially, this film was not at all planned to have a sequel.

As you can see, the end allows to conclude perfectly the two stories lived in parallel by Nathalie. In both realities, the young woman has a happy ending, both personally and professionally.

But, given the success of the film, it is possible that the platform will eventually change its mind. If ratings continue to rise, there may be a sequel in the works for your new favorite movie. So all you have to do is cross your fingers to hope to find Nathalie in new adventures.

What is the release date for the film, Look both ways 2, on Netflix?

As we have just seen, we do not yet know if the film Look both ways will be entitled to a sequel or not. If so, you’re going to have to be very patient. So, the scenario is not even written yet. If a second film is shot, you will have to wait several months before you can discover it on all your screens.

Indeed, the second film Look both ways should not be available on the Netflix streaming platform before the end of 2023. You will therefore have to be patient. In the meantime, you still have the option of rewatching the very first film, Look Both Ways. So you know what you have to do!

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