“Is that his only saucepan?” “: Amandine Petit criticized by internet users after her appearance in Tous en cuisine (ZAPTV)

“Is that his only saucepan?” “: Amandine Petit criticized by internet users after her appearance in Tous en cuisine (ZAPTV)

Thursday, December 29, 2022, Amandine Petit was the guest of Cyril Lignac for his show Everyone in the kitchen. If the young woman shone with her simplicity, she did not reveal great cooking talents or a well-equipped kitchen for that matter. On Twitter, Internet users made fun of his equipment.

During this festive period, Cyril Lignac concocts festive recipes for viewers of Everyone in the kitchenon M6. From 6:45 p.m., he makes a new four-star preparation every evening. Thursday, December 29, 2022, chef Lignac offered to cook pike dumplings with Anjou wine cream and a fine apple pie. His sidekick, Jérôme Anthony was in the kitchenoutside, as tradition dictates.

It was in Angers that Cyril Lignac’s right arm cooked, surrounded by fans of the program. Moreover, it is important to note that for this program, Jérôme Anthony was no longer in direct contact with the public, but protected by barriers. Indeed, at the beginning of December, no security had been put in place around Jérôme Anthony’s workstation and hotplates. Thereby, children were running inches from hot stoves. After some criticism, precautions were obviously taken by the chain.

An ill-equipped Miss

The guest celebrity of this Thursday, December 29, 2022 was Miss France, Amandine Petit. After Dance with the starsthe young woman has tried another perilous exercise. With her smile and her legendary good humor, she scrupulously followed Cyril Lignac’s recommendations to bring out her two dishes. However, she did not have the appropriate equipment to make her recipes in good conditions. The chef also paid tribute to her in the middle of the show by asking the public to encourage her, because she had no drummer.

She then struggled to beat her egg whites by hand. At the start of the show, he kindly teased her: “Are we inaugurating your kitchen?” Internet users made fun of this more than rudimentary kitchen on Twitter. A viewer writes ironically: “Next time, at the Miss France election, instead of jewellery, clothes, travel… Offer the winner cookware, it will be more useful”. Another continues: “We gave her everything at Miss France (travel, clothes, electronics, make-up, etc.) except pans of all sizes”. A third internet user asks: “Amandine Petit is at home? Is this her only saucepan?”. Her participation did not go unnoticed, but in the end, she managed to complete all her receipts. On the other hand, we will never know, if the taste was there.

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