Isabelle Mergault mother in secret of a 2nd little girl? Laurent Ruquier spills the beans!

Isabelle Mergault mother in secret of a 2nd little girl? Laurent Ruquier spills the beans!

Actress and director Isabelle Mergault is a lifelong friend of Laurent Ruquier. She is also one of his faithful acolytes of the “Big Heads”. For some time, the host has been implying that Maya, the star’s adopted daughter, would have a sister…

And Isabelle Mergault can laugh at everything and tell for example without taboo the desert of her sexual life, she is much more discreet when it concerns her family… The director of I find you very beautiful never hid having adopted his Maya file, in 2009but she rarely shares photos of herself or information about the lady. She took a long time to tell how she became a mother. Heart side, she is still single. However, she had many conquests and at first glance, she has no particular penchant for a man’s style. “I had a bit of everything. Very beautiful ones that weren’t arrows, and very ugly ones that were brilliant“, she confessed in Gala. In any case, Isabelle Mergault does not live alone in her Paris apartment: she lives with Maya and… a second little girl !

Laurent Ruquier drops a scoop on Isabelle Mergault: she is the mother of two children

On January 11, 2023, Charlotte of Turckheim was making a comeback on the show sitting next to Isabelle. The presenter asks Charlotte about her guest house in the Alpilles – in Provence – and the actress bounces back by asking “for my daughters uh…“, she catches herself and says: “Are there games for children, slides?“. Laurent Ruquier bounces in turn and strikes: “Answer no because she will come with her daughters otherwiseThe actress, now 64, pretends she hasn’t heard anything and goes on to ask about bouncy castle-type equipment for the little ones. Did the host’s tongue fork and Did he betray his friend unintentionally? In any case, it’s not the first time.

Indeed, Laurent Ruquier had already spoken in the plural of the daughters of his friend, who never mentioned a second adoption…

Isabelle Mergault and her daughter Maya: back on her adoption

If the star, who recently shot a new film as a director – titled hands of gold -has never taken the trouble to speak about this second child entered her life, she had however spoken with an open heart about the adoption of Maya. Isabelle Mergault told Gala : “I met a young woman in difficulty and I helped her. I took care of her little Maya (…) When Maya was three years old, it was obvious: I had become her mother. We signed a simple adoption which only takes place with the agreement of the biological mother. Maya, who is from Niger, said, ‘So I’m going to go white?’ It worried him this difference in color. One day when she was four years old, I showed her people sunbathing on a beach: ‘Look, they dream of being like you’. We never talked about it again. My daughter is beautiful.”

Isabelle Mergault: what is her private life?

Isabelle Mergault was a great lover. “I only understand passion. I can’t work anymore, I always have the other in mind” she said in Gala. She has always wanted to keep a certain independence vis-à-vis the men who share her life. “I had very long love stories, but each with their own apartment. There have never been two toothbrushes in my bathroom” she also confided in Closer.

And if she tells in She that the men in her life left traces in her apartment, she never left them the key… Isabelle Mergault also experienced many heartaches – they even made her a marriage proposal – which left a bitter taste. The star, who said in The Big Heads that her love and sex life had come to a standstill – no longer believes in Prince Charming. “It’s not for me, but that doesn’t stop me from understanding and talking about it legitimately” she explained in Closer. In any case, she now brilliantly takes on the role of head of the family of two children on her own.

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